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Stone tiles come in a variety of different compositions, textures, patterns, looks, uses and environments. Natural stone tiles are incredibly stylish and can fit a variety of aesthetics and uses. Each stone used is a unique part of the Earth and has a one of a kind structure and pattern. Finding the right stone is just a matter of taking into account where you need it and what happens there. For instance, softer stone, such as marble, wouldn’t do well in a home with a lot of children. Some places stone tiles might be utilized include: Floors, Fireplaces, Bathrooms, Patios and pool areas and Wall tiles.

Benefits of Having Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is made of natural materials from the earth, and have a smaller environmental impact than plastic or vinyl flooring. Stone is harder than wood and does not pollute or degrade over time. Some stone materials will need to be sealed in order to be used as flooring, others will not. If you have any questions about stone tiles, be sure to call us or stop in. We can help you find the right material for your home without all the worry and guesswork of doing it on your own.


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