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Slate is a fine grained metamorphic rock. Its original form is the sedimentary rock, shale. Slate is incredibly popular in roofing, as it is waterproof and requires almost no processing after mining. It can come in colors other than grey, such as green, purple, pale grey or dark grey and is excellent for use in bathrooms due its impermeability. It is also stain resistant which makes it great for kitchens, where spills happen often. With proper sealing, slate can last for hundreds of years with almost no maintenance and look mostly the same.

Upkeep of Your Slate Flooring

Slate flooring can be cold underfoot in the winter. This is an avoidable circumstance if an insulated layer is put below the slate to better trap heat. It is important to pad legs on couches and chairs before moving them around on your slate flooring because like many other types of flooring, slate can be chipped. Slate is incredibly easy to clean and requires very little maintenance, unlike other floor types. Other tiling similar to slate include:

  • Granite, which is incredibly durable
  • Quartz, which is similar in porosity
  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles, which are similar in ease of cleaning


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