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Rivers use the power of fast moving water to shape and smooth rocks that are caught in its forces. Skipping stones are river rocks, flat with no sharp edges or cracks. River rocks are incredibly useful in tiling due to their stylish appearance. River rocks can be stacked or laid flat on a surface to create a unique and interesting flooring or wall tiling pattern. Each is unique in pattern and color. Popular places to use river rock include: Showers, especially pebbled floors – Bathrooms – Fireplaces – Walls

How Are River Rocks Made?

Over time, a jagged rock can be shaped into a smooth, almost polished one. How does this happen? By rivers! When the water moves over smaller stones, they are picked up in its current. They bounce off of bigger rocks and are eroded from smaller particles of sand. They are subjected to the power of erosion, much like mountains and beaches, to create a round rock, perfect for your home. When river rocks are harvested, they can either be polished by humans or left alone and sold for landscaping purposes. The river rocks you use for tiling in your shower are polished for lower permeability and a better look.


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