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Marble is a form of metamorphosed limestone that is incredibly popular in sculpture and building. It is often white in color, but can also come grey, pinkish, reddish, or contain more than one color. It was the most popular medium for famous Greek and Roman sculptors. The veined appearance of marble makes it an excellent choice for flooring and tiling, as no tile is the same. Also known for its elegance and aesthetic qualities and when sealed, it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Maintenance of Marble Flooring

This type of flooring has to be sealed in order to be used as a floor tile, and the seal must be refreshed every six to twelve months. Harder marble is better for floors and must be properly taken care of in order to remain looking clean. Finding the right sealer is crucial to the upkeep of your floors, as sealer is necessary to repel water and oil spilled on your tiling. Premier Tiling offers a full line of sealers and cleaning products and can offer advice on what is best for your marble. Some things to consider before purchasing this type of tile include:

  • Floors must be regularly cleaned
  • Spills need to be wiped up almost immediately
  • Marble flooring adds immense value to your home
  • Foot traffic and movement of furniture in the area of flooring


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