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We know that you have a good idea of what you want your remodeled bathroom to look like, but it’s always helpful to get another set of eyes. Consult with one of our designers to make sure you get the best bathroom design you can. We’ll help you pick the type of tile you want, the right shape and color. Do you want to design a glass mosaic for the floor? Line the walls in marble? Do you want to do something simpler, a little more reserved? We can help you figure out the best look for your bathroom.


Things to Consider

Remodelling requires a lot of planning and foresight. There are multiple things to consider and plan for before purchasing tile. With our free estimates, we can help you get a sense of how much the project is going to cost. Doing the following will help us help you turn your dream bathroom design into a reality:

  • Having a sense of how much you would like to spend remodelling
  • Who will be using the bathroom and how much foot traffic there will be – Children? Guests? Just you and your spouse?
  • Is it accessibility to the bathroom a concern now or in the future? We can help design and install curbless showers, grab bars and other features to make the bathroom function for people with limited mobility.
  • Would you like heated floors in your bathroom?
  • What types of shelves or niches do you want in your tub or shower?
  • A color pallette you would like
  • A design idea you would like to work on with our designers
  • A time frame for when you would like to start and complete your project

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