Countertops - Premier Tile and Stone


Their design may not seem so crucial, but countertops are actually one of the most important details to your kitchen. Your countertops are your main working space and often your eating area as well. Cheap countertops will scratch and fade in the sunlight. One of the most popular type of countertop is granite, which is strong and hard. Granite comes in multiple colors and has a beautiful veined structure. It is resistant to scratching, chemical damage, heat and fading. Other popular types of countertops include:

  • Quartz is valued for its crystal structure and variety of color and consistency
  • Slate is valued for its nonporous structure, complementary appearance and easy maintenance
  • Marble is valued for its beautiful veined appearance and ability to amplify light in your workspace

The Right Countertop for You

Different stones work with different types of people and different styles of kitchens. Marble is beautiful, but it isn’t resistant to scratching etching and is easily stained. If you are very neat and controlled when cooking, then marble will work for you. Even if you aren’t a neat cook, marble can still be the right choice for you so long as etching doesn’t bother you too much. Granite is a solid choice and doesn’t have many drawbacks, much like slate. Slate is perfect for kitchens with a lot of color due to its more reserved look. If you’re having trouble deciding what countertop is right for you, we will be happy to consult with you to help you make the right choice.

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