Granite - Premier Tile and Stone


Granite is a granular igneous rock that is often grey, white or pink. Granite has a reliable durability, low permeability and strength that makes it a great choice in home and building applications. Also an excellent choice for countertops because of its resistance to wear and its dense, waterproof composition. Typically a full slab is used for countertops while 12”x12” granite tile can be used for flooring. Granite first came to popularity in the late 19th century for its use in gravestones. It came to replace marble in building materials when it was discovered it was resistant to acid rain.


Granite is one the hardest stones and is highly durable. It’s hardness gives it a scratch resistance unlike any other tile out there. Also holds a shine and is easy to clean, its ability to repel water also adds to its functionality as a flooring material. The colors are beautiful and no two tiles are alike, making your flooring as beautiful as it is functional. Adding this type of flooring or countertops to your home increases the value and beauty. Other popular uses include:

  • Exterior building materials
  • Excellent for many in home uses like backsplashes and tiling
  • Paving and paving stones
  • Monuments – Mount Rushmore is a granite monument
  • Grave markers and memorials

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