Glass Tiles - Premier Tile and Stone
Glass tile is another type of highly versatile and durable tile we offer. Glass tile is completely waterproof due its lack of porosity, which keeps water out of your tile. Because of this, glass tiles are excellent in moist areas, such as showers, bathtubs, pools and jacuzzis as well as kitchen backsplashes. Glass tiles can be colored, textured and arranged to suit any need or taste. They have the ability to keep intense, beautiful color from fading. Glass tiles are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

The History of Glass Tiles

Glass tiles date back as early as 2500 BC, where they were used in mosaics created by artists in India, Greece and Persia. Smalti Tiles were brought to fame by the Byzantine empire, where tilemakers would mix molten glass with iron oxides. This created opaque pieces of colored glass tiles that could be used in mosaics. Today, glass tiles are incredibly popular in homes and spas. The accessibility and affordability of glass tiles, plus their unique look can be contributed to their surge in popularity. Glass mosaics can be used to add a flair of personality to your pool or shower wall or kitchen backsplash. You can use glass tiles to create any pattern or image you want. Add it to your pool or shower wall for a unique home decoration. Some things you could do with glass tiles include:

  • Uniquely patterned kitchen back-splashes
  • A pool bottom depicting nautical images
  • Interesting patterns for the shower to add interest to your ceramic or porcelain field tile

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